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Culture and Museums International Tech Forum

On Monday and Tuesday, the 20th and 21st of June 2022, with the IbericcGlobal project, Flow Productions was in Malaga at the Culture and Museums International Tech Forum to exhibit lectures and make connections with international museums and companies in the field of museums, culture, technology and others.

CM Málaga is an annual event that is committed to promoting and implementing technological and innovative solutions in the area of culture to elevate it to a new, more sustainable and accessible dimension, improving its position as an economic and social engine. The forum was attended by more than a thousand professional visitors, one of them being Flow Productions, who were able to participate in a program with more than 150 speakers from more than 30 countries and more than 80 exhibitors with technological proposals in virtual and augmented reality, holograms, intelligent audio guides, gamification, podcasts and immersive experiences.


Regarding the contacts made, we spoke with several companies that were the exhibitors but we made concrete contacts with the following companies: Auth4Art, Metis, El Museu, Bitseat, EventsLive, AudioGuíame, MoMA and CiênciaVR.

Auth4Art is a security startup for works of art and blockchain, Metis is a company for the reconstruction and restoration of monuments and museums, El Museu is the first hotel that uses art as decor making itself an exhibition creating a unique experience for the consumer, Bitseat is an event platform construction company and its partner EventsLive is a digital and hybrid event organization agency, AudioGuíame is an audiovisual company for museums and cultural monuments and CiênciaVr is a visual reality startup. With the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Bitseat, we had meetings to talk about projects we are developing.


During the business lunch we attended on Monday, we had the opportunity to speak with the Assistant Director of AmigosMuseoRuso about the needs of museums and how we can help them.



In addition to being at the conference, we had the fantastic opportunity to be at the Technological Pole of the University of Málaga, meeting with Aline Daniel, one of our partners in a project funded by the Erasmus+ program, and the opportunity to visit the Pole's facilities.


What we took from this opportunity, boosted by the Faro City Council, was the desire to grow in the field of culture and museums with solutions, being a key company in the Algarve with international connections and with the aim of helping culture in the south of the country, either with museums or with other cultural entities. The knowledge brought in goes much further than just contacts obtained, but opportunities and ideas to solve problems in this sector.