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UAlg Tec Campus 1st Networking Session

On the 29th of June, Flow Productions was present at the First Networking Session of the UAlg Tec Campus, recently opened, at the University of Algarve. 


On this day, companies present at Tec Campus had the opportunity to introduce themselves to neighboring start-ups and to invited companies and researchers. During this presentation session, moderated by Jéssica Costa - Manager of UAlg Tec Campus, each company can present its history, mission, values, products and/or services, and portfolio of work. 


Flow presented its essence and the portfolio of services we have available - our main mission with this presentation was to deliver, to the other partner companies and to the guests, solutions that we could give to each one of them, presented to all. 



Therefore, we present the core of our creative flow, as “a creative studio whose main objective  is to find creative, dynamic and fluid solutions to help communicate and better relate to its target  audience, customers and partners.” We continue the presentation by talking about our presence at CM Málaga, as an example of our desire to continue to grow and of our presence in the cultural sector. 


Then we talked about our services: Communication and Marketing (including Social Media);  Design with several examples of our latest works - COONNECTA, Festival of Digital Art of  Albufeira and for Centro Hospitalar of the University of Algarve -; Photography (specifying our styles - Documentary Photography, Product Photography, and Corporate Event Coverage and the like; Video with Production and Post-production and 2D Animation and Motion Graphics. 


We ended by presenting the flow of our office with various videos of our interns and collaborators and two very specific projects - the video “Being Human is a Dream” developed in Motion  Graphics and in partnership with Museu Zero and the artist Fernando Lobo that you can watch here: https://flowproductions.easynet.pro/portfolio-animacao/ and B-Skills, which you can read more the project about here: https://flowproductions.easynet.pro/ skills/. blog/processo-criativo-projeto-b .


The following partner companies of the UAlg Tec Campus also presented themselves:  

EMJOGO - https://emjogo.pt

Made in Web -  https://www.madeinweb.us/ 

SPTisp - Algarve STP (Systems and Technology Partnership)

Vanguard Strategy - http://vanguardstrategy.com 

Vasco Consult - https://www.vascoconsult.com 

GrowIn - https://www.growin.com 

LS Engenharia - https://lsengenharia.pt 

MTI - https://managingtheintelligence.pt/ 

Planhead - https://planahead.pt/ 

ATOS - https://atos.net/pt 

Algardata - https://www.algardata.com/  

Metyis - https://metyis.com/

Dengun -  https://www.dengun.com/