Flow Productions


At Flow, we have a diversified range of services that allow us to combine communication and marketing strategies, with the creation of solutions and content through the complementary areas of design, animation and audiovisual production.

This way, our offer is adequate and ready to be implemented in a way that is adjusted and up to meet the objectives and expectations of those who seek to work with us.

Flow Productions serviços video marketing, motion graphics, animação 2d, videos para as redes sociais

2D Animation
& Motion Graphics

The art of animation allows us to bring to life what we don’t see, and can only imagine…

Make your message more creative and interactive, in a world of infinite imagination, whether with animation and/or motion graphics.


Animated videos allow you to transform complex ideas into simple messages in a dynamic, interesting, memorable and interactive way.


Free and allow yourself to imagine in this world that is animation, giving movement to your image in the most creative and original way possible, raising the quality of your product.

& Social Media

Design is to give shape to thoughts, in a creative way…

After all, what is Design if it doesn’t make it easier for your client to come to you?


To this end, we use tools and methodologies that will help you communicate and create more value for your brand and your target audience.


We absorb the message, the concept you want to convey and transform, update and adapt to what best fits your business objective and purpose.


In this way, we guarantee the sucess of your business.

Flow productions servicos de Design, social media, web design, editorial, ilustracões, wayfinding
Comunicação_Prancheta 1


Comunicate and Assess in order to define the best strategy approach…

Communicate in a clearer and more effective way using an appropriate, consistent, coherent strategy aligned with your business core values, image and objectives.


We can, also, help you to define metrics and goals that help you evaluate your decisions, whether in a short or long term view. And also, help you designing actions in order to keep your tracks within the defining objective, goals and metrics.


The art of capturing moments…

“There are images that stay in the memory and evoke emotions!”


Your company’s image is not just the one you want to project, but also the one your customer perceives you to be.


In this way, we can say that “what the customer sees, the customer feels”.


For this reason we direct our effots in order to guarantee the offer of a service of excellence.


So that nothing is forgotten, it is always worth remembering the best of today, tomorrow!

Serviços de fotografia, fotografia de produto, fotografia eventos, fotografo eventos, fotografia documental, culinária, artística
Serviços de video marketing, videos promocionais, documentários, teaser, streaming


Lights, Camera, Action! We bring your vision to life…

This is the right time to invest on audiovisual content! Do not hesitate any longer.


Video is one of the biggest trends and one of the main content formats consumed on the Internet. Especially in younger generations, like the Millenniums.


Video, in addition to being engaging, can be interactive and facilitates not only the consumption of the message, but also its transmission.


Engage your customers, potential partners and investors using the best digital content!