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Luis Baptista

Luis Baptista

Communication Design

Luis has a degree in Communication Design at UAlg, and almost 15 years of experience in corporate design, visual identity, design thinking and illustration. He develops projects in various sectors of activity such as health, education, archives, catering, personal brands, among others.


Dynamic and proactive, he likes clear and direct results in the projects in which he is involved and is constantly looking for the best solutions for what the client considers to be a difficulty. Also tends to face difficulties as a challenge, as a team.


He has won awards and commendations in the areas of corporate identity and inclusive design, has accompanied Flow Productions since its inception and is a founding partner of an association with a social nature intervention.


In the other life he was a samurai!



Working on it.


Working on it.


Casa de Pasto Pôr do Sol – Traditional Portuguese Food

Casa de Pasto Pôr do Sol - Traditional Portuguese Food

Casa de Pasto Pôr do Sol, the most well-kept secret of Faro.

COONNECTA – Security and Home Automation

COONNECTA - Security and Home Automation

COONNECTA is a brand focused on the security and comfort of their clients, being through personal or home security, like home automation.

Aquracy Therapeutics – Genetic Therapy

Aquracy Therapeutics - Genetic Therapy

The project developed for AQURACY THERAPEUTICS reflects the dynamic and innovative spirit of the funding group, which has as its mission to capt...


Working on it.