Process Index

As part of a rebranding and advertising project developed by Flow, we were asked to create a promotional videos for an RD&T – Research & Technological Portuguese Start-up Company.


Our process is divided in 4 sections, Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver



Discovering, studying and getting to know the company and the product are essential at this stage. The company's objectives in the market, its target audience as well as the product, its features and applicability.


The Define phase is where we create a story based on the experience of a customer visiting a hotel. The room is equipped with the equipment we are promoting.
The choice of character and space itself is not random.
We chose a businesswoman used to frequenting hotels.
Economy for the hotel, comfort for the guest.
The hotel chosen was of medium size so that we can also reach inns and small hotels. So it doesn't make the product elitist.
We also support animated graphics to improve the transmission of information.

The Storyboard was created.


Following the storyboard and shooting list, a team of 6 people was created for this project. Director, camera operator, assistant, characterization, model and motion designer.
Filming took place in two locations for 12 hours.


In the delivery phase, we provide the promotional film in two formats:

16:9 4K Film – 120 (EN/PT)
9:16 1080p Videos for Social Media – 20’’ (EN/PT)

Website . Youtube . Social Media . Trade Fairs Display


Company, product and goals.
Discover 1

The Company

The company's objectives in the market, its target audience as well as the product, its features and applicability. Our main goal at this stage is to acquire information and also the clients needs and wants. So we can organize the project and the team around it.

Discover 2


Internal meetings and with the client outlining approaches. This step facilitates communication within the company, ideas generation and much more. The biggest advantage is the ability to have a proof of concept for the client so they can visualize our solution.



The storyboard
Discover 3

Expressing the story idea without making a movie.

At this stage we define the storytelling, locations, models or actors, wardrobe, crew and filming equipment involved. The colour palette was also defined. This is both a creative process as well as an administrative strategy. By having a well define storyboard where client can see the direction and approach of the project, allowing them to make changes and helping us define the finished project to their vision

Discover 4

Colour Research

We also give great attention to colour research as this process can make or break a project. Colour is a language of itself and having good branding colours can help achieve the message of the film



Now it's time to put the storyboard into practice! This means recording all the scenes included in the storyboard so that in the end we can put everything together and have the result expected by the client. 
Discover 5

Problem Solving

It's important to define the recording space to understand what possible technical problems we will encounter: lack of space, lack of light, unnecessary elements in the space, among others.

Discover 6

Organize script and characters

It becomes essential to coordinate the whole team from characters to video and light technicians in order to capture the perfect moment with the least number of attempts, so we keep the team and characters more motivated.

Discover 7


Finally, it is important to maintain communication between all the elements and explain the scene that is going to be recorded to everyone involved so that they understand what is intended and feel more at ease knowing the result that is expected.



In the delivery phase, we provide the promotional film in two formats, 4k Film or 1080p for Social Media, both have the option to be multilingual as well. These videos can be distributed within multiple medias, such as: youtube, website, social media content and fair displays