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11th Edition of Algarve Design Meeting

Flow Productions had the opportunity to be from the 23rd to the 28th of May, in Fábrica da Cerveja, at the 11th Edition of Algarve Design Meeting – ADM.


Started in 2011 and organized by the Escola Superior de Ensino e Comunicação from Universidade do Algarve in partnership with Faro’s City Hall and the National Association of Designers, it’s an event that brings together talkers and companies from design and video with the intention to promote design.


Every year, Faro becomes the Internacional Capital for Design where many entities, from institutions, professors, investigators, and professionals to the public, through multiple activities let known organizations and professionals and expose their work and portfolios, giving them the opportunity to connect and give knowledge and information about design and all it’s adjacents – as animation, photography and video.


ADM brings to the south region of the country the digital culture through conferences, exhibitions, speeches, workshops, pop-up shops, Alumni talks, video mapping festivals and many animations. Being an occurring event and continuos that is becoming a reference in dissemination and promotion of design, it has a mission to bring and affirm Algarve as an area for creative industries.


Flow’s universe had exhibitions, in Room 12, with animated videos exposing work and illustrative and informative posters and we also gave support with streaming of the conferences occurring all with. For us, the best was all the interaction of all the participants, especially the younger ones, with the exhibition and the great affluence of people that took interest in our work.