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Animation - How we do it!

Today we would like to explore a little more one of the main pillars of our creative studio - Animation! This service was the basis for opening and building our company due to the fact that the Algarve, our biggest area of ​​activity, is lacking this service.


The art of creating moving images using computers, more specifically using computer graphics resources, is very time-consuming and always very complex, and that's why in this blog post we want to focus on the creative process that we use in each project and work. that involves animation. The creative process is never the same, whatever the area, but it can be segmented and adapted for the best functioning of a creative team.



Step 1 | Summary and Clarification of the Proposal

The first step will always be the big brainstorming of ideas and building an executable proposal. At this stage, it is always important that we listen to your objectives and goals in order to understand the story you want to convey to your target audience, the imposed timeframes and budget requirements - these are the main elements of this information that will feed the script, treatment and style frames.


Step 2 | Planing

The process continues with the cultivation of ideas, when, if the script is not yet ready, it will be written and developed with your own, active and proper participation. It's up to us to improve and innovate it.


This is a very important step. We want everything to be perfect. Once the script is created, the rest is up to us.



Step 3 | Approval / Adjustments

When we already have an outline of the script, a big and important part of the methodology of creating an animation begins: creating the bases for the animation - the storyboard (visual guide) - and the definition of the graphic style of the video, in order to compile the project objectively.


During this stage, we define the final parameters for executing your request, in order to meet your wishes and expectations.


Step 4 | Product development Lights, camera, animation!!

When the entire pre-development process ends, everything starts to move! Characters, settings and titles are created and animated - everything comes to life!


Next, we proceed to the assembly of the animation and dim sequences, the addition of sound and music and the final post-production touches are made.



Step 5 | End result (et voila!)

The result of all the previous stages, dedication and constant technical improvement, the result can be seen in the complete and finished work that can only be the best. All it takes is exporting the animation to high definition and letting the magic speak for itself!