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Creative Process - Photography

Photography is an art in the XIX Century by Joseph Niépce. The advances in technology have permitted infinite improvements in the quality of photography and in edition types of equipment. Improving then, the post-production process and the reduction of costs - which popularizes even more photography and its use. But, after all, creating a photograph is not only clicking a button and it’s done, right?



This is our take on the creative process of a photograph:



The creative process of a single photograph happens in a matter of seconds. The brief seconds that it takes to put our eye on the viewfinder or the ones before that are amazing. With practice, it becomes even easier to decide the framing and composition, but sometimes it takes a little more time to figure out the best angle, the best light and the best position depending on the type of shot you're trying to accomplish.


In post-production, we wouldn't say the process is much different. With practice, we know exactly what each photograph needs, sometimes times, small basic editing adjustments, and sometimes times, something more elaborate and more time-consuming!


Although every stage of creating and processing a photograph counts, the first look is perhaps the fundamental step. The moment when we know that our lens has captured a moment, someone, or something, a smile, a tear… And that's why we believe that Henri Cartier-Bresson's sentence makes perfect sense:



"Oop! The Moment! Once you miss it, it is gone forever."


These are some examples of photographs we created for our clients: