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A company's image tells its story and shows everything about its personality and values and because we are entering a new phase at Flow Productions, we decided it was time to bring a new visual to our brand because a new phase needs a new look!


With this new brand image we want to show our professionalism and bring trust, but also show how creative and innovator we are with our work and the fun we bring to each one of them – after all who likes boring stuff?


But the visual image change wasn’t our only chance, we moved to UAlg Tec Campus in Penha, we grew as a team and we also grew our service portfolio, changing from a Video and Photography Production and Post-Production Agency to a Digital Agency with Marketing, Graphic Design and Social Media.


Our creative flux demonstrates everything that we want for our clients – great communication in every channel – being in Communication and Marketing, Design and Social Media, Photography, 2D Animation and Motion Graphics or Video. We are already living the best phase of our creative studio, much more than a new space and a new image, our motivation was lifted and we are expectant for every work and creative solution that we are going to devolve to each one of our clients.


We invite you to know our new image by giving a look at our new website!