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Flow Showreel

We love what we do!

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I-Kloset - Clothing App

Creative Self-Expression.

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The importance of preserving water resources.

The renaturalization of preserving water resources in Braga.

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Mediaeval Days of Castro Marim.

The Mediaeval period of Castro Marim 2022 became an enchanted village.

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Vogue Loves Fashion Festival

The First Fashion Festival, which took place at the Designer Outlet Algarve

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Cortes de Cima - Wine Production

Cortes de Cima is located on the slopes of the 400 m high hills of the Serra do Mendro.

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The Local Council for climate action 

"The Local Monitoring Council (CLA) and Resulting Projects" in 3 documentaries.

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Wine at the table

Casa de Pasto Pôr do Sol to taste a good glass of wine.

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Silves Medieval Palates

Medieval Palates integrated in Medieval Silves.