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Aquracy Therapeutics - Genetic Therapy

About the work

The project AQURACY THERAPEUTICS starts through a business ideas contest: "Ideias em Caixa", promoted by CRIA, in partnership with NERA and ANJE, that invited Flow Productions to support the winning idea.

So, after the briefing with the representatives of Aquracy Therapeutics, it was developed a logo that reflects the dynamic and innovative spirit of the funding group, which has as its mission to captivate funding for studies that they are devolving.

The concepts that fundament the visual identity of Aquracy Therapeutics lock with the scientific study of the Genetic Therapy, that thought resources of viral vectors in patients with Poly-Q disease spectrum, to delay or prevent the onset of symptoms of these neurodegenerative diseases.

This spectrum of 9 rare hereditary diseases is the consequence of the mutation of a portion of the glutamine protein, where this portion, over the generations, creates copies of itself, becoming an expanded protein, whose amino acid chain is elongated.

Thus, the concepts used for the graphic representation of the Aquracy Therapeutics symbol were: the Q (from PolyQ diseases) in an expanded form, alluding to the expanded protein that causes these diseases.

Simplicity and objectivity were the main factors for the representation of this logo, framed in a scientific area in the health area. Thus, its design features stylized lines, simple and easy to apple on multiple supports.

The choices, both in terms of layout and of the different weights in the typography, had the objective of creating a more balanced logo, so that the fact that the company's name is very fulfilled, does not compromise the size of the logo.