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COONNECTA - Security and Home Automation

About the work

COONNECTA is a brand focused on the security and comfort of their clients, being through personal or home security, like home automation.

The graphic representation of this visual identity envisions increasing their memorization and application in multiple products (digital or physical), independent of their dimension.

Their visual identity lies in the convergence of three concepts: connection, security and comfort. These three concepts allude to the connection between the different products of the brand in an all-in-one solution, specifically on all the products focusing on personal, home or commercial space security and for home automatization and connection that potentialize the maximum of the clients' comfort.

Deeply, CONNECTA doesn't only offer cameras and devices, but also, the opportunity of comfort and security to everyone.

In this visual identity, we also have an identity manual, with the logo and form of use in multiple applications - business cart, stationery, presentation on social media, roll-ups, website and app ONNE.