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Narcisa, Reflexology Therapist

About the work

In order to create a personal brand and online presence through a professional website, with a view to sensitization and education on reflexology, for the reflexology therapist Narcisa Balaniscu, this visual identity was developed.

For the graphic design of this project, the main focus was the personality of the client, thus, it was bet on delicate and feminine notes, highlighted by beautiful typography and rounded and elegant elements, combined with soft colours.

The symbol represents the conjugation of two elements: the foot, where reflexology therapy is essentially applied, and the petals of the narcissus flower, in a play with the client's name (Narcissus/Narcissus).

The construction of this visual identity includes the manual of identity, with logo, monochrome minor versions, visual elements resulting from the symbol and patterns, stationery, proposal of bag and box, and also illustrations and posters all related to the theme of reflexology.